Equipment Purchases

The Judges Athletic Association provides financial support to the high school and student athletes for items "above and beyond" or unique" determined to be outside of budgeted cost of the athletic program.   The Director of Student Activities (DSA) submits a "Wish List" to the JAA which details budget subsequent requests from coaches. Since 2008, the JAA has provided almost $150,000 to the athletic program at John Handley High School.  Please Contact the JAA if you can help or Donate now. The following is an itemized list of financial support to the Judges:

2017-2018 (Approximately $15,000)

  • HUDL Film System (Athletics)
  • Warm-Ups (Girls Cross Country)
  • Jackets and Pants (Boys Cross Country)
  • Dugout Jackets (Baseball)
  • Travel Bags (Baseball)
  • Travel Suits (Volleyball)
  • Travel Bags (Volleyball)
  • Travel Suits (Girls Track)
  • Travel Suits (Boys Track)
  • Plyometric Hurdles (Track)
  • Training Bat (Softball)
  • Travel suit sweat pants (Softball)
  • Championship Uniforms (Girls Tennis)
  • Championship Uniforms (Boys Tennis)
  • Wind Screens (Tennis)
  • 7 v 7 Community Service Jerseys (Football)
  • ¼ Zip Jackets (Golf)

2016-2017 (Approximately $25,000)

  • Wrestling Mat (Wrestling)
  • HUDL Film System (Athletics)
  • Five-Man Blocking Sled (Football)
  • Radio Head Sets (Football)

2015-2016 (Approximately $20,000)

  • HUDL Film System (Athletics)
  • Pole Vault Project (Boys and Girls Track)
  • 7 Cheer Mats (Cheerleading)
  • 25 Boys Soccer backpacks (Boys Soccer)
  • 25 Girls Soccer backpacks (Girls Soccer)
  • Wrestling Mat matching donation* (Wrestling)

*Funded by the Larry Nelson Equipment Fund and subsequent to the DSA Wishlist

2014-2015 (Approximately $10,000)

  • HUDL Film System (Athletics)
  • Soccer Adidas Jackets & Pants (Boys and Girls Soccer)
  • Handspring Trainer (Cheerleading)
  • Baseball Pitching Machine (Baseball)

2013-2014 (Approximately $25,000) 

  • HUDL Film System (Athletics)
  • Cross Country equipment (Boys and Girls Cross Country)
  • Girls’ Cross Country tops & bottoms (Girls Cross Country)
  • Boys’ Basketball warm-ups (Boys Basketball)
  • Girls’ Basketball warm-ups (Girls Basketball)
  • Softball Equipment (Softball)
  • Girls’ Soccer Shorts (Girls Soccer)
  • Swim team warm-up pants & jackets (Boys and Girls Swimming)
  • Weight Plates for Weight Room (All students and athletes)
  • 2 Bumper Racks (All students and athletes)
  • Larry Nelson Plaque for Weight Room (All students and athletes)

2012-2013 (Approximately $20,000)

  • HUDL film system (Athletics)
  • Volleyball equipment carrier (Volleyball)
  • Volleyball training equipment (Volleyball)
  • Swim Team training equipment (Boys and Girls Swimming)
  • Jugs Super Pitching machine (Softball)
  • Softball catcher’s gear (Softball)
  • Soccer Boys training jacket and pants (Boys Soccer)

2010-2011 (Approximately $20,000)

  • Hi-Pod Camera Recording System (Athletics)
  • Smart Board and Laptop for the Larry Nelson Fitness Room (All students and athletes)
  • Summer Camp Scholarships (Football, Soccer, Cross Country, Cheerleading)
  • Sideline Cheer Uniforms (Cheerleading)
  • Competition Cheer Uniforms (Cheerleading)

2009 - 2010 (Approximately $20,000)

  • Wrestling Singlets (Wrestling)
  • Field Benches (Football)
  • Outdoor Track Equipment (all hurdles, high jump pit, and other track equipment) (Boys and Girls Track)
  • Uniforms (Various Sports)
  • Football Helmets (Football)

2008 - 2009 (Approximately $56,500)

  • Donation to Larry Nelson Fitness Room (All students and athletes)
  • Uniforms and Equipment (Various Sports)