Eligibility Requirements

Student Athlete

A minimum of 20 years after a nominee’s graduation from John Handley High School (JHHS). Consideration may be given to a student-athlete who did not graduate from JHHS, but made significant athletic accomplishments while a student at JHHS.

Must have made significant accomplishments in one or more athletic activities as recognized by JHHS (Non-Club/Letter Eligible Athletics). Consideration may be given to a nominee’s accomplishments after JHHS.


A minimum of five (5) years has passed between nomination and last year coached. Served as a Varsity Head Coach at JHHS for a minimum of five (5) years or an Assistant Coach at JHHS for a minimum of 20 years.

Must have significantly contributed to the success of student-athletes, sport coached, and the overall athletic program at JHHS.


Must be a loyal supporter of JHHS who has contributed outstanding volunteer service to the JHHS Athletic Program over a significant number of years.

Nominee does not need to be a graduate of JHHS.

Nomination Process

A nomination form must be completed for each nominee.

Nominator must solicit a minimum of one (1) letter or recommendation for the nominee. Nominator may not write this letter.

The nomination form and all letters of recommendation (at least one (1)) must be submitted by May 31st of each year.

Forms received after the deadline date of May 31st will be considered for the next year.

Nominees not selected in the first year of nomination will be considered for induction for the next two (2) years. The nominator will be notified of this action.

After a one (1) year break from consideration a nominee can be nominated for another three year period of consideration.

Multiple nominations and letters are recommended but not necessary

Hard-Copy nomination forms are available in PDF format on the website and should be submitted to Hunter Maddex Hall of Fame P.O Box 2213 Winchester, VA 22604

*In 2017, the JAA Hunter Maddex Hall of Fame Committee voted to receive nominations from graduation classes from 1994 and prior. In 2018, the committee will receive nominations from graduation classes 1997 and prior. In 2019, the committee will receive nominations from graduation classes 1999 and prior. 2020 will complete the re-balance of the Hunter Maddex Hall of Fame. As a result of this re-balancing, the JAA Hunter Maddex Hall of Fame committee will consider nominations for five (5) years vise the current three (3) years until 2023.