Purpose: The Judges Athletic Association supports the athletic program at John Handley High School. This support includes student scholarships, equipment purchases, and additional needs presented by the Director of Student Activities, coaches, and/or student-athletes who participate in the athletic program.

Humble Beginnings: The JAA was founded in 1957 by Don Smallwood, Dick Kern, Bill Baker, Dick Rosenberger, and Eddie Manuel to provide financial support to the Handley athletic program. Our first monetary donations were used to supplement the annual athletic budget and fund one scholarship in the amount of $100.

State of the JAA: The Judges Athletic Association has provided over 1.8 million dollars in scholarships to 925 student athletes and donated approximately $550,000 in equipment to John Handley High School.

Strong Future: The JAA continues to remain financially viable thanks to the support of sponsors, members, and endowed donations. The JAA Board of Directors is a working board which organizes annual fundraisers and works with John Handley High School Administration, Director of Student Activities, Coaches, Parents, and Student Athletes to identify unique and noteworthy projects to improve the athletic program. We need your help to ensure continued success!