The Judges Athletic Association (JAA) has a working Board of Directors (BOD). Most committees are led by an experienced JAA BOD member or a Senior Board member and are constituted by board members and general members. Below, the committees are listed with the 2020-2021 Chairperson. Any member is eligible to serve on the board or on one or more of the committees. If you have unique talent and/or are dedicated to hard work, the JAA has a need for you! Contact us

Finance – Scott Arthur / Tommy Stine / Jim Gordon III / Gail Pryde / Steff Plotts (Senior Board Members)- The Finance Committee is responsible for the fiscal health of the JAA.

300 Club – Stephanie Washington / Steff Plotts and Fran Ritchie (Board Members)- The 300 Club Chair is responsible for the monthly drawing of the 300 Club winners and promoting the 300 Club fundraiser.

Communications – Karen Justice/Stephanie Washington/Andy Vipperman (Board Members and Members)- The Communication Committee is responsible for outreach and branding of the JAA. Outreach efforts include Twitter @gojudges; Instragram @gojudges; Facebook- Judges Athletic Association; and the website Branding efforts include the slogan “Support the Sports” and #handleypride.

Awards – Gail Pryde & Melanie Melester (Senior Board Members) /Chris Garber/Tommy Dixon/Megan Shickle-Wise/Eric Estep (Board Members)- The Awards Committee is responsible for selecting year-end awards for student-athletes. The committee works closely with the Director of Student Athletics and Varsity Coaches to select award recipients.

Membership/Gameday – Melanie Melester & Lincoln Jones (Senior Board Members) / Chris Garber/Alicia Wheeling/Jeff Fowler/Frank Sublet/Megan Shickle-Wise (Board Members)- The Membership Committee is responsible for member recruitment and communication. This committee also coordinates the annual General Membership Social.

General Membership Social - Lincoln Jones (Senior Board Member)/Tommy Dixon/Rob Warren/Johnny Craig (Board Members)- The General Membership Social serves as the required General Membership meeting each year and is source of pride and a reason to gather for the JAA Membership.

Cash Raffle - Ronnie Putnam (Senior Board Member)/Karen Justice/Stephanie Washington/Johnny Craig- The Cash Raffle promotes and sells tickets for the JAA enduring fundraiser which benefits the General Fund.

Hall of Fame – Chair- Andy Vipperman (Former Board Member)/Ronnie Putnam, Lincoln Jones, Jim Gordon III (Senior Board Members)/Alicia Wheeling/Tommy Dixon (Board Members)/Steffany Plotts (JAA President)- The Hall of Fame Committee selects former student-athletes, coaches, and contributors for induction into the Hunter Maddex Hall of Fame and the Edwin Barksdale Wing of the Hunter Maddex Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame Committee coordinates and organizes all Hall of Fame events.

Golf Tournament – Scott Arthur (Senior Board Member)/Rob Warren/Frank Sublett- The Golf Tournament Committee collaborates with the Winchester County Club and tournament sponsors to produce the annual golf tournament.

Scholarship – Tommy Stine & Melanie (Senior Board Members) and Steffany Plotts (JAA President)- The Scholarship Committee works to ensure graduating student-athletes from Handley, who meet specified eligibility requirements and selection criteria, have the opportunity to receive scholarships to assist with expenses such as tuition, room, and board related to higher education. To date, the Scholarship Committee has facilitated over $2 million in scholarships to worthy student-athletes in their quest for continuous learning.

Super Fund Night – Tommy Stine (Senior Board Member)/Jeff Fowler/Johnny Craig- The Super Fund Night (SFN) Committee coordinates the JAA Super Fund Night/Cash Party. Traditionally, Super Fund Night is held the Saturday evening prior to Super Bowl Sunday. The event has been held at several different city locations with the Moose Banquet Hall being the most recent. Historically, we have 400 tickets and for more fun, SFN includes Tip Jars, 50/50 Raffle, Basket of Cheer and a Cash Party Ticket Raffle guarantees the winner to be one of the 20 finalists.

JAA Awards Ceremony – Gail Pryde (Senior Board Member) - The Awards Ceremony organizes the annual the JAA Scholarship and Awards Ceremony and coordinates with ceremony sponsors and the Director of Student Activities to produce the ceremony.

Larry Nelson Fund – Alicia Wheeling/Jeff Fowler (Board Members)- This fund was created in honor of Larry Nelson, the 1987 President of the JAA. Larry Nelson is remembered for his tireless efforts in procuring equipment and scholarship money for student-athletes. He was posthumously elected into the Hunter Maddex Hall of Fame in 2001. The Larry Nelson Fund was established to provide equipment “above and beyond” the normal needs of the John Handley High School Athletic Program. Prior donations from the fund include partial funding of the weight room at John Handley High School.

Game Day – Lincoln Jones (Senior Board Member)- The Game Day committee is responsible for selling programs and injecting fun into the athletic events at John Handley High School. This committee recruits sponsors for the football program, sells Senior Salute ads, and works to recognized Friends of the Judges in the program.