FAQs - Scholarship Program

Mission Statement - Scholarship Program

The mission of the JAA Scholarship Program is to assist graduating student-athletes from John Handley High School, who meet specified eligibility requirements and selection criteria, with expenses such as tuition, room, and board associated with higher education.

How are JAA Scholarships funded?

Each year is a new year for the JAA in terms of soliciting donors and fund-raising for the Scholarship Program. Therefore, the amount of funds available for scholarships will vary from year to year. Funds for JAA scholarships come from various sources. Some funds are raised directly from JAA fundraisers, such as the 300 Club Raffle, Super Fund Night, and the JAA Golf Tournament. A small amount of scholarship funding comes from endowments established in honor or in memory Handley student-athletes, coaches, teachers, and supports. The majority of scholarships are funded year to year by private contributors who fund a scholarship to assist a Handley graduating senior. The support of these private contributors is invaluable to the JAA Scholarship Program. Scholarship recipients are expected to express gratitude and appreciation in writing when they receive a scholarship funded by private contributors. 

Who determines JAA Scholarship recipients?

The Judges Athletic Association is a volunteer organization comprised of individuals who donate many hours of their personal time for the benefit of Handley student-athletes and the Handley athletic program. The Scholarship Committee is made up of four to six JAA board members, none of whom is the parent of a member of the current graduating class. Application information is complied in coordination of the JHHS guidance staff and reviewed only by those on the Scholarship Committee. Applications are handled with confidentiality and discretion.

Who should apply for a JAA Scholarship?

All senior student-athletes who meet the eligibility criteria are invited to submit a scholarship application. All applications will be reviewed by the Committee.

How do I apply for a JAA scholarship?

Applications are available in the John Handley Guidance Office

Eligibility requirements:

To be eligible for consideration for a JAA scholarship, all of the following criteria must be met:

  • Have participated in a varsity sport at Handley in his or her senior year (this includes managers or student trainers). A student may apply in writing to the Scholarship Committee for a waiver of this requirement based on extenuating circumstances. Such decision is at the sole discretion of the Committee
  • Have been accepted to a college, university, technical or trade school by the time the application is submitted
  • Submit a fully completed and signed application by the stated deadline

Selection Criteria:

The Scholarship Committee will review and evaluate all applications eligibility requirements. The Committee will apply the following selection criteria, based on an objective point system.  The Committee may consider, to a limited degree, other factors supported by information presented in the student’s scholarship application.  Please note that not every applicant will receive a JAA scholarship.

Financial Need (50%):

Financial Need shall be based on family income level, other resources for college expenses including scholarships and grants, other family members in college, and such extenuating factors as the student and his or her family may wish to have considered. Although Financial Need is the factor which shall receive the highest degree of consideration, no income level shall disqualify a candidate who meets the eligibility criteria from being considered. Although some students may receive little or no points for financial need, those who have strong academic records and levels of athletic participation may be candidates for scholarships under the point system. Under a policy enacted in 2005, students may elect to “opt out” of completing the financial section of the application. The student doing so forfeits all consideration of financial need as a factor and will receive no points for the factor which is weighted most heavily in the selection process, but his or her application will be eligible for consideration if otherwise qualified.

Academic record (25%):

Academic Record shall be based primarily on a student’s grade point average.

Level of Athletic Participation (25%):

Level of Athletic Participation shall be based on the number of seasons of sports participation while at Handley. The Committee may give heavier weight to participation in the later high school years. The Committee may also take into consideration the situations of students who transferred to Handley after the freshman year or who faced other extenuating circumstances. Students should remember that varsity participation in at least one sport during the senior year is an eligibility requirement, unless waived at the discretion of the Committee.

Additional Considerations:

Just as each graduating class is different, each class of applicants presents unique situations for the Scholarship Committee to consider. The Scholarship Application adopted by the Scholarship Committee allows students and their parents to apprise the Committee of factors and circumstances of which they would like the Committee to be aware. The policies and procedures of the JAA Scholarship Program permit the Scholarship Committee to apply these guidelines as it deems necessary and appropriate in carrying out the overall mission and objectives of the JAA Scholarship


For what purposes can a JAA scholarship be used?

JAA scholarship awards are to be used for tuition, room and board only.

How are scholarships paid?

Scholarship money is paid to the requesting college/university/trade school only after required paperwork has been received. No funds are paid directly to the student.

When will scholarships be awarded?

Scholarships will be awarded at the JAA Banquet. An athlete selected for a scholarship must be present to accept the scholarship at the awards banquet unless advance notification is given of the inability to attend, including a satisfactory reason for non-attendance.  If this attendance requirement is not met, the scholarship will be subject to review, may be withdrawn, and awarded to another qualified applicant.